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We have packages starting at 3,900 pesos.
Contact us to make a budget according to your needs. 

We cover events in Jalisco and all states within Mexico.

Carrriage Models

Carriage Model: Landau five windows..
Color: Black

Manufactured for the first time in 1743, this elegant carriage is named like the german city Landau. This carriage was used as a luxury transportation because of its beautiful five window convertible design. This black carriage with dark red upholstery has an spacious inside for four passengers and It´s manufactured with leather and velvet upholstery. The folding windows protect passengers from the rain and bad weather.

This beautifully designed carriage is used for weddings and evening events. It is also used during winter and rainy days in cities or small towns.

Vis a Vis Carriage
This is beautiful pearl color carriage designed in France and first manufactured in 1860. Its convertible design offers a wide space for four passengers seated front to front (Vis a Vis in French).

It is generally used for weddings and events during spring and summer for its convertible and light design. It is manufactured with leather upholstery and dashboards. Its vinyl convertible top protects passengers from the rain and the sun.

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